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with laurent de martin, mustafa ceylan, sampo vallotton

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mustafa ceylan, sampo vallotton, laurent de martin & alex neurohr had a really great time at the GFS Camp. Chilly vibes, lot of sun and definitely a lot of funny moment! The swiss week was unforgettable!

During the summer you spent a week at the GFS Camp in Tignes – France. How did you end up there? We got invited by the GFS Camp as swiss riders for the special swiss week. Other riders were there as coaches – so at end we just could ride the park for ourselves. It was all about selling dreams to the kids!

It’s more common to see you guys riding the glaciers here in Switzerland. What’s your impression about the Park in Tignes? The glacier is pretty wide, but the park area itself isn’t that big. Although it’s not the biggest summer park, it has plenty of playful obstacles which are fun to ride.

For those who have already been to Saas Fee, that part of Switzerland has it’s own Swiss german dialect. Beautiful for some, ugly for the others. We suppose it was easier then to chat in your mother tongue with different people on the slopes? Definitely easier! But the good old french with its weird expression is also hilarious.

What’s the ambiance on your way to the top of the glacier?You first have to take the metro and then a Gondola. In the metro most of the people are still in there bubble – most of them are still digesting the rest of alcool. But once you are in the gondola and park gets visible, the kids get excited! Slowly but surely the vibe reaches his top!

How did you find the park? As a rider point of the view, a week is enough. Despite the great work of the shaper, after a while you get bored of the set up. As a film maker, it’s perfect. First of all you don’t have to wait so long between each rider’s run and it’s much easier and faster to adapt and try new angle.

What was your daily activity after you morning riding session? The GFS Camp offer some many activities you can’t get bored : water jump, blob jump, mini gold, swimming pool, spa, soccer game. There is also a mini ramp and some trampolines just behind the GFS Camp. Otherwise if this isn’t enough – they have a good barman who won’t let you be thirsty ahah. Believe us you won’t get bored!

By the way you were there in the middle of the european football championship. Who heard of a CH-FR game. Who won?Switzerland of course! As you may have seen all along the Euro, the french don’t know of the play soccer 😀

GFS Camp in a few words?Really great vibes! We spent a unforgettable week. After the summer surfing & chilling break, it’s perfect to get back on tracks!
Vive la France!