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alpe d'huez

with baptiste diet, clement cruciani, niels delaude

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You don’t need a lot to find some rad spots. Sometimes, you have to walk for hours to access them, when the others are just few meters away off the tracks. It’s actually the case with this old sheepfold that we found in the domain of l’Alpe d’Huez.

The rocker himself. Niels went big on that spot and really got a dope shot. Check below

Tell us more, How did you find this spot? Baptiste –  Everything started when Clement told me about it. I knew a little bit this old barn made of stones, but the idea to ride it like that never crossed my mind. To use a section of the roof as kicker and landing 20 meters farther in step down… no way hahaha… I was already seeing the shots in my head thinking that it was about to be epic! I was already trying to figure out the best angles.

How did you get that crazy idea to drop down that cabin? Niels – That shepherd’s cabin had already a good style, some good old stones, doors shut with metal panels, so we figured out pretty quickly that we had to do it. We gave Baptiste some time to set up all of his gear and Go! Let’s face it, finding a good spot where you can shoot some nice pics, is never easy, but when you jump from the top of an old house, everyone goes bonkers about it!

Was it easy to shape the jump or was it a pain in the A..?Niels – We love shaping our jumps! It’s always nice to spend time like that with your friends, to get free sunburns under the sun, and to pretend that you’re tough enough when you shovel all that snow! But this time, the shaping process was actually very fast, the snow stacked right away on the roof, no need for a kick, nothing – Heaven!

clement also dropped a few times and got some dope shot – like this cork 7

Regarding the shooting, any pressure before the first jump? ?Baptiste – No, not really. For the first shots, I decided to place myself a bit farther. I was trying to set the 85mm when Niels is yelling at me that the first guy is coming. So no time for stress ahaha. I take the position, he jumps and I shoot him in Burst Mode. The frame is neat, already a good one. On the other hand, the landing noise is wild. It’s quite clumsy so I will have to be more accurate for the next shots.

Did you know already the trick you wanted to land?Niels – … quad cork 18 ! Nothing else

The shot of Niels in bottom view is really nice! Were you not afraid to be in the landing zone?Baptiste –Since it was not the first shot, we already knew where to position ourselves. It’s true, that shot is crazy! Niels told me to shoot like that, in bottom view. We made some tests, and Niels went up again, wearing hisfavoritee full black leather jacket and carrying all his might. Better not miss that shot ahahaha. I can see him taking his momentum, I wait for him to reach the peak of his jump and I press. The shot is here. Everything is in it, the cabin, the dude in the sky and the crowd in the background hallucinating on these mental guys. All of this makes the picture even more Rock n’ Roll.

What is thinking the rockstar about all this? Happy with the shooting?Niels – Yeah the result is really nice! Baptiste always manages to get dope shots even when we ride like some crazy goats! And the mix between this old crib and the jackasses that we are is really perfect…

Any anecdote on this spot? Niels – Except some crazy belgian tourists who passed shirtless with some flags attached on their helmets and shouting ” we won, we won !” nothing special ahaha….

As they said, this shot is way too wild! Those guys are definitely a dream team