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The new season has just begun and right now, despite the bad start, the snow conditions are looking great! This year will be the second year of pot-pourri project – a great opportunity to make a throwback | recap of last season and explain you more what this project is all about.

This project was borned between a bunch of friends who decided to join their strength in order to reach one common goal – film as much as possible all season long. The group consists of three riders – alex chabod – alex neurhor – laurent de martin and one cameraman – mustafa ceylan. No limits or specific playgrounds, those guys ride parks, streets and backcountry. This recap will more or less follow the snow condition – starting from skiing on the grass to fresh powder and finally to the slope.

Face Pot-pourri
the man behind the cam and late in the night behind his computer checking all the shots – mustafa ceylan

step 1
– creativity.

Remember how bad the beginning of last season was? The slope were more green then white. Despite the terrible conditions they still got their first edit out in the beginning of January – Springcember. The concept one line between the bumps with a few transitions and bowls built along the way.

step 2
– pure fun.

Finally, finally! The snow has come and real thing could finally start, beside eating some snow – get a follow cam shot between the trees with the group and the one but not least jerry of the day.

step 3
– imagination.

As you know the powder doesn’t last forever – after a while it becomes more a puzzle of tracks, holes and bumps. For some people the worst environment and for the some the paradise.  It seems like alex chabod and laurent de martin have definitely enjoyed hitting the natural terrain.

step 4
– air time.

Sunny day, soft landing, perfect park… you don’t need more to get a great session!

air time with alex chabod at cran montana snowpark
air time with alex chabod at cran montana’s snowpark

step 5
– tanning session.

Summer skiing means one thing – freaking icy slopes in the early morning, slushy snow before lunch. Over lunch you get your tanning done and finally you get down in the valley for a chilling skate session with beers. This is exactly what the guys did at Tignes during the swiss week at the GFS Camp.

step 6
– end.

Along the season the crew has shown us one thing – get the best out of yourself! In order to reach their goal, they had to be creative and get the best out of themselves. Now that the season is over, there is one last thing to do – collect all the shots, put them together and get a dope teaser out of it. This is exactly what they did and here it is!