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the french atlantic coast

with ludovic lossky

back to all life

Hey hey get up! It’s time! The sun is already rising and we have plenty of exciting stuff to do!


I know it’s early but you will thank me later. How did you sleep? Come on get out of the bed now and let’s make some stretching. It’s good for your body. I can show you some moves as I’m Shiatsu therapist.

home sweet home, I love you!

Hope the night in my truck was okay. Was it your first time? Some people would never sleep in a car or even live in a car the way I do. They might just see a box on wheels and inside kind of a bed and a tiny kitchen. Pretty basic and rustic. Well for me it’s the total opposite! My car is pure freedom. It let me live the way I want, bound to the ocean. Talking about the ocean, we still have to check the forecast. Let’s me grab my phone and our breakfast. Could you prepare some tea? Just have to turn on the gas cooker over there. If you want a coffee I have some too.

Okay, so the good and bad news, it’s neither a dream day nor a bad day ahah. Let’s say we hit the road and head to the beach to see if there is something to surf. Ohh before we go, don’t forget to go to the toilet. Don’t want to be tactless but it’s crucial if you wanna have a good surf. Believe me…

Let’s hit the road up north to go surfing the same spot I’ve been the day before. Last time, this spot was pretty fun to surf. Maybe we are lucky and we will have the same conditions. Otherwise, we will have to cruise up and down the coast to find a good area. Who says surfing was easy right? You will see it’s also cool, you can discover the beauty of the coast and spot some really nice places. You know sometimes you can spend time driving all around and find nothing. I don’t want to be pessimistic, but everything depends on many factors – the swell, the wind, the tides, the sandbanks and the crowd… I’m not a fan of surfing around hundreds of people, that’s why I usually cruise around a lot more than most of the people living here. So it might take some time to find the right spot. The good thing is, we have time. I don’t have any surfing class today, so I’m totally flexible.

Come on, let’s go and check it out.

Here we are! Ready to go? All is smaller and a lot weaker today. Not that encouraging! But hey… the sun is out, the temperature is rising and there is no wind. Good thing for a little summer surf! Program of the day – having fun, chill on the beach, eat our delicious sandwich and most important, work on our tan ahah. We only are 5 in the water so take your rhythm and have fun!

I could do this all day long!
Time to work on our tan – don’t forget the sun cream I don’t want to sleep next to a crab tonight.

Was it a cool session? Want to check another spot? Let’s drive back and maybe we will find something otherwise we will go back home and I will prepare you a healthy dinner. It looks like we won’t find another spot – the waves are way too small… Do you like fish? I have a really good recipe from my mom! Sit down, relax and enjoy the sunset. I will be right back with some beers and our dinner!

So how was your day?