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New Year’s is a time to set new resolutions and recap the previous year. We decided to ask Alex Chabod some questions about his part in the latest Gpsy Feeling’ movie – Cruise Control.

How is it to ride & film urban and also backcountry shots? What’s the vibe and mentality? There isn’t really a specific vibe I could pinpoint. I would say it depends on the people surrounding you and the team you are working with. Most of the time, there is only positivity in people’s mind, but sometimes you have to face some frustration peaks, especially when you  realize you can’t land the trick you had in mind. Despite this, it’s all a great time and overall good vibe.

Is there a different between shooting urban and backcountry? Definitely. It’s really two different worlds. Urban is pure stress. You are constantly asking yourself, when do we get kick off? What if a car is coming by when I land my trick? Will someone be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Backcountry is a whole different universe. First of all, your surroundings are much more calming. More or less the only thing on your mind is to not get crash on the landing.

Do you feel any additional pressure while shooting the film? Well nobody is really telling you what you have to do or not. You have to decide by yourself what you want to show to the world and this is all that matters in the end. Of course it’s a bit different when you know the camera is on you. Some people have no problem at all while others get flustered.

alex chabod on his way to zion with that massive air
alex chabod on his way to zion with that massive air

How does it work, do you need to announce your trick or line before taking off? No not really, but working in a team is different. The more you communicate with each other the easier it is. So before hitting a spot, we usually talk with all the riders in order to avoid doing the same tricks. Then with the cameramen because some tricks can look shitty from an angle and great from another one… Once all this is clear, it’s up to you. I personally always wanted to show as many tricks as possible.

Filming with Gpsy is probably a great experience. Did it change the way you ride?I don’t think it changed the way I ride, but I definitely gained quality experience.

In the movie you have an urban part as well as a backcountry part. Which one brought you the most joy?Well to be honest, last season was pretty tough. The conditions weren’t the best. But I definitely had fun shooting BC with my friends!

Did you have any bad experiences filming urban? Don’t ask me why but, this year not at all!

The shot of the flood barrier is insane!! How did you come up with that idea? Two days before we shot that part, we kinda had a line with this flood barrier. We didn’t have much to do that day so, one of the riders wanted to hit the spot again, but this time way bigger. To be honest, I wasn’t really down for that. I just planned to shape and watch. Yann, the cameraman, finally pushed me to ride the wall. I just said, “Okay but I’m just gonna do something stupid…”

Some of the riders headed over to Japan to ride some deep powder, unfortunately you couldn’t join, how do you feel about that?This is probably the biggest regret of my entire season, but it really wasn’t up to me to join or not.

As sad as it is, Cruise Control is the last movie of Gpsy Feeling. Do you have any plans for this season? As you might have seen, we have a little project with Laurent De Martin, Alex Neurohr and Mustafa Ceylan called Pot-Pourri. All season long we will drop some short clips, so stay tuned!

Gpsy chapter took an end, what has it brought you? I gathered experience, especially in my riding. Otherwise it really has opened my mind spending so much time with all the « frouze » (french people)… ahah. It was a great time in my life!


Gpsy Feelin – Starring : Julien Lange, Leo taillefer Laurent de martin, Flo Bastien, Alex Chabod, Pierre Antoine Chedal and Jules Bonnaire. A movie by Jeremy Ferburier – Yann Barthelemy. Picture by – Louis Garnier