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Nilton Clothing

nilton clothing is a young swiss street brand creating limited lines. Our concept is to produce in a limited quantity each lines so you will never face anyone wearing the same clothes. Check out all our products on our shop and who knows you might find your next favorite hoodie or shirt!

Beside that we are supporting riders from different sports. We do believe in supporting the locals, that’s why our tribe members are mostly coming from the alps. They do not share the same sport but there is one thing they do for sure, their love for the ride. Check out the tribe here and all their stories on this page

Cruiser Fire

A funky cruiser cap for fun loving and spontaneous people. Made of soft, thick and light to protect your crown and hair from heat, dust, and other impurities.

If you love to wear bright colors, the cruiser fire will be an ideal choice for you. Great for any occasions, such as parties, games, special events, casual meetings and sunny days.

My Combo

During the whole month of November – order one hoodie of your choice and get automatically 40% off on all headwear products. Go get your perfect combo

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